September 2019 Prairie Update

Thoughts from Gayle....


The little people in my life love to ask

“WHY?” Amid the sometimes frustrating attempts at responding, I remind myself that the question is a great one and one that we should not stop asking as we get older.

As we begin a new school year, it is good to reflect on our own “WHY” - why am I a teacher/leader/board member, why THIS school and why do I do what I am doing?

To answer these WHY questions it can be helpful to think about your Deep Hope - what do you hope to accomplish in your task, what is the big-picture hope you have for your role, what do you hope is the long-term impact of your work, how does this work fit into God’s Kingdom?

My Deep Hope for my work at the Prairie Centre is: that through the partnerships and relationships within PCCE, communities will pursue peculiar as they flourish within God’s unfolding Story.

If you haven’t done so, spend some time crafting your Deep Hope and then share it with others. That way we can encourage each other in our journey toward the realization of our WHY.


The PCCE Teachers' Convention

Registration opened on September 1!

So make sure to register soon as workshops are filling up!

When completing “payment method,” select “pay by invoice” if your school will be paying and we’ll invoice it directly. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Register on the Convention Website

Decisions Anthology

If anyone has 15 copies of the junior high LA Decisions anthology that you’d be willing to lend out for a while, please contact Lois Ann from Fort McMurray Christian School.

TFT 101

For all new teachers (new to teaching or new to PCCE), new-teacher-mentors and anyone wanting a refresher. Join us for the first 2 (of 4) Teaching for Transformation training days on October 22-23 in Edmonton. Register when you sign-up for convention.

TFT Lead Teachers

Jeremy will be running a Coaching Cohort for you this year! If you haven’t heard about it or have questions contact Jeremy.

Register for the OCT 1st NORTH Cohort

Register for the OCT 3rd SOUTH Cohort

Christian Deeper Learning

If you are planning your PD for the year, consider attending this CONFERENCE in February 2020... .

Gather with many of North America’s leaders in innovation in Christian education for a few days of great learning and conversation.


If you want to be challenged and encouraged in your teaching, read the book On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom by David Smith! To facilitate conversation and grapple with implementation ideas , we will be organizing a PCCE Book Club. If you want to join us, indicate so on your Convention registration (free book to all who sign up!).

PE Teachers & Coaches

Here’s a podcast for those who want to “Dig Deep: Sport, Faith and Life.” Also in the LINK is information about an upcoming global conference that will explore similar topics. 

Teacher Exchange

If you are interested in an exchange with a teacher from a Christian school in Australia, contact our OFFICE and we’ll put you in touch with a colleague from Canberra.



Hopefully you have October 3 & 4, 2019 marked on your calendar for our 24 hour Calgary-based event.

Consultant Keith Peterson on Thursday afternoon, dinner together and then a tour of Masters Academy on Friday morning. More details within the week!

Christian Deeper Learning Conference

Consider taking your learning leaders to this event (see notice in Teacher section)! It will be a great opportunity to be challenged and encouraged!

BC School Leadership Conference

Our partners in BC are hosting a conference for boards, committee members and administrators on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Through our partnership, you can REGISTER as an SCSBC member for a reduced price.

School Boards

What PCCE Offers

There are four main areas in which PCCE interacts with Boards. Feel free to contact Gayle for more information. 

  • Governance: we offer Board governance workshops that help Boards understand their role, responsibilities and limitations. We offer both introductory/basic workshops as well as sessions customized to your situation.
  • Reviews: we conduct both reviews of key employees (principal, head of school, executive director) and the school as a whole.
  • Advice/Consulting: we are an email or phone call away!
  • Mediation: we offer mediation services to help school communities journey through challenging times in ways that promote restoration.

csi dues

For those of you who are members of Christian Schools International you will have noticed a significant decrease in dues (cut in half approximately). This decrease came about through extensive conversations between the Canadian regional offices (ie. PCCE, SCSBC & Edvance) and CSI. We are thankful for this adjustment and the positive financial impact on our schools.

Learning Opportunity

 A one-day conference on Faith, Fundraising and Communication will be held on October 21, 2019 in Edmonton. This may be relevant to Society staff.

BC School Leadership Conference

Our partners in BC are hosting a conference for boards, committee members and administrators on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Through our partnership, you can REGISTER as an SCSBC member for a reduced price.


Leadership Development

Each year PCCE supports the involvement of PCCE teachers participating in the Educational Leadership Development Institute. This year, Dana Heshka from Immanuel Christian School in Lethbridge participated and following are her reflections on the experience. Early in 2020, applications for the 2020 cohort will be solicited, so start thinking about your school’s involvement.

I traveled to Sumas, Washington in July to attend the ELDI course. Throughout the week God really spoke to my heart about my future in leadership. The retreat center was absolutely stunning, a kind of 'Garden of Eden' for me. You could not help but feeling refreshed just from being there, and the food was amazing. Throughout the week we had many sessions on Christian Leadership from fantastic Christian leaders from across Canada and the States! They walked us through everything from self-care, board affiliation, managing a staff and school, and so much more. Each session was engaging and interactive - I never felt like I was just sitting in a course listening to a speaker! I went into the course to decide if Christian Leadership was for me and I left hearing that it is the direction I am to prepare for! I will be forever grateful for this experience and look forward to stepping into the roles of leadership that God has in store for me.


PCCE offers mediation services to our member communities. We use trained mediators to guide communities through challenging situations (among staff, board, parents, etc). Contact our OFFICE for more information or to request services.

Important Dates


PCCE  Board Meeting in Edmonton

October 1

TFT Instruction Coaching Cohort North

October 3

TFT Instruction Coaching Cohort South

October 3 & 4

Fall Leadership Event

October 22 & 23

TfT 101

October 24 & 25

Teachers’ Convention in Edmonton

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